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So, with the new push by the Democrats for a new "assault weapon" ban, coupled with the high-capacity magazine ban they now also tout as a way to stop madmen, and the panic buying by the Johnny-come-lately slumbering herd, and the shelves being stripped bare of all reasonably-priced ammo, magazines, and AR-type carbines, I cannot help but be thankful that, like many of you good people here on the Forum, I had been preparing for this post-reelection day to dawn.

I see the filled parking lots, long lines, the now hour-long (or longer) background checks, the scramble to find an AR (now any AR will do, somehow). I see how prices have skyrocketed on all these things, as demand moves in ruthlessly to raise prices as supplies are gobbled up. I watch the credit cards come out and the grasshoppers getting fleeced. And all those times when people said to me "why are you buying these things and storing them?" now start to come back to me, and I just grin.

People are willingly paying double what things are worth. I have almost been tempted to sell some of what I have set aside, but I have decided to not do so, for now. I have enough of the things I will need, with enough spares to ensure everything can be repaired and kept running even if no more supplies can be located.

All of the items we have had the foresight to purchase in advance are now what everyone is after, since they have awakened to the fact they may be banned soon.

It is at times like these that I am reassured that the children's fable of the ant and the grasshopper is still true, and that conventional wisdom and planning ahead once again are the path to be on, even if it is a much harder path some days. Being the ant is not very easy, nor is it much fun sometimes, but I am happy & ready.

The best feeling I have had in awhile is checking to see if I need anything, and being comfortable with the fact that I am all set. Prepping does pay off, for certain.

Prep on, fellow preppers!

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