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What region or state are you in? How big is your family? Are they prepared or are you doing this alone? Does you family financially make it on what they make alone or are like many and live paycheck to paycheck?

These are all important questions to consider. Starting any place is a good start usually but I'd hate to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Depending on your location, usually it's a good idea to start with power, blankets, Food & Water.

Army surplus wool blankets go pretty far on limited funds.

Rechargeable Batteries and Non rechargeables with a quality Charging dock. (Not the ones sold on end caps of HD and Lowes but the kind that can test and reset batteries.)

Food sounds easy but it's can get a bit complicated. I'd start with MRE's and buy them when you can.

Water. You'll need a container to store it. You'll need a way to filter and purify it. I don't suggest you as a minor store Bleach. ...parents could get the wrong idea unless they are 100% involved in what you're doing.

Someone already said an EDC but I will break it down a bit more basic. You'll need rugged and comfortable work boots, durable clothing, a pocket knife, hat & gloves,

Fire starting devices, learn and practice how to start camp fires. Please have adult supervision and do it in the right areas.

First Aid kit and KNOW HOW to administer First Aid to include CPR.

At your age I would keep an extra $50-100 stashed away just in case.

You can never go wrong with a bit of Duct Tape wrapped around a credit card in your wallet.

Transportation is a good thing to have figured out as well. A car is nice but a bike just needs you for power.
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