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Tactical Research/Bellville Kiowa Boot Review.

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Tactical Research/Belleville Kiowa Boot Review.

I've had these boots for couple months now and have been wearing them everyday for work. Jumping, climbing and moving at a fast pace these boots have shown to be comfortable and capable. There light and well made, fit like gloves and don't inhibit, but enhance movement and foot hold. I had to put some new insoles in them because the ones they come with are super thin, but other than that I love em. I've got buddies who've worn their pairs for a while now putting them through hard use and no care and there going strong. I'm one that tends to give my boots good kiwi time so mine look much better, but there obviously good boots and for the price, I'd say a good deal for the money for anyone looking for a nice pair of assualt/bug in boots. I don't think I'd choose them over a heavier boot like Danner Acadia's for bugging out and real heavy beating in the woods constantly under extreme environment, but Acadia's aren't as light and as nice for a assualt, bug in, standing your ground at home, boot as these.

KIOWA TR909 Black hot weather lightweight assault boot from Tactical Research Tactical Research Black Kiowa Boots: Shoes

Shoe Product Outdoor shoe Liquid Walking shoe

Footwear Brown Outdoor shoe Sneakers Beige
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How did you find the sizing in relation to other footware you have? Did they run larger or smaller?
I found the sizing pretty well on. They were a little tight in width at first but broke in fast. I have a little wider feet though, but not quite as wide for a wide size and like leather shoes and boots to shape to me. Toe and length spacing was good. I'll definitely look closer at the other Belleville line because of these. The sewing and materials are high quality, with thicker leather than lots of other manufacturers are using these days. One thing they do now compared to the models in the posted pics are sew the toe and heel which is a nice plus. That's always where my glued shoes and boots seem to come apart first.
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