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I would personally not recommend a shotgun as a primary only because of its limited range. I've seen guys putting a laser, bayonette, a scope and slugs won't change that limited range and accuracy. If you get into a firefight with some guy who has a rifle he can hit you from way farther and even a rifled barrel and slugs won't match the accuracy of a rifle even using plain iron sights agianst an of these tactical shotguns all over you tube. A shotgun in my opinion IS THE ULTIMATE close quarters weapon but you don't want to be close. I would get a SKS or AK if on a budget they have more moving parts but still very reliable. I have an 8rd Mossberg Maverick 88 (with all kinds accessories) to make it as usable to anyone to everyone in my family as I can, and I love this thing. For home defense Its my go to but if I had to choose one and run I would take the AR because it can reach out and touch someone from a safe distance. If we get and injured and our wounds get infected during a SHTF senario your SOL.I make alot more points my new youtube vids (I do youtube urban prepping under the radar on youtube) and show how to have a pretty decent way to make a good shotgun vest, tell me what you think

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1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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