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Syria & The US

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So if you read the circus called the news... The world expects the US to act militarily, after our president opened his mouth about red lines.

My question is... and I understand terrible things are happening there... But where are the Brits, the Germans the French, etc etc... all jumping in saying hey we will lead this charge, we send you in for all the other f'ing messes then blame you yankies for your recklessness.. where are all these f'ing countries expecting us to step up to the plate, why aren't they doing it if they feel so strongly...

Just irritated as hell.. damned if we do, damned if we don't.
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In Libya Britain and France led the charge (sorta) then complained they didn't have the resources for the air campaign and guess who got to foot the bill? We ended up with a dead ambassador and some really good guys who stepped outside their contract to help their country and died as a result. In Egypt we got Mubarak out the Muslim Brotherhood took over now we are in angst over the Egyptian Military taking action. How about Iraq that's worked out really well for us hasn't it? Do we really need to be up to our elbows in another Mideast mess?
Having been there and back. I'm still amazed we were so stupid as to not just drop our biggest nuke on Iraq. That hole looked like the ghetto side of the moon before the war, and still does today. At least a nuke would have kept all our soldiers alive, and cleaned the place up a little. Not to mention, if dropping a GIANT nuke was the US's answer to that terrorist uprising. Does anybody believe we'd still have the problems we do with these lunatics today?!? Or turds like Syria or Egypt calling our bluff?
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We're getting pretty good at following france into stupid conflicts! Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, now Syria, how many others?

Stupid is as stupid does. You'd thank weize koulda lernt sumptin!
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Have you ever gone to MOPP level 3 or 4 in the desert? Talk about miserable.
7 days a week, 13-18 hrs a day, on and off for three months. Well over 100 deg. EVERY day. It's an "experience"! :D :D :D

For the first few weeks the suit feels claustrophobic. By the time we got back, it felt unnatural to NOT be enclosed in rubber, soaking in puddles of sweat!

More than ANYTHING though, I just missed the colors green and red while over there! EEEEEVERYTHING EEEEEVERYWHERE is tan! Little wonder their suicidal lunatics! :D

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