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Syria & The US

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So if you read the circus called the news... The world expects the US to act militarily, after our president opened his mouth about red lines.

My question is... and I understand terrible things are happening there... But where are the Brits, the Germans the French, etc etc... all jumping in saying hey we will lead this charge, we send you in for all the other f'ing messes then blame you yankies for your recklessness.. where are all these f'ing countries expecting us to step up to the plate, why aren't they doing it if they feel so strongly...

Just irritated as hell.. damned if we do, damned if we don't.
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Playin' devil's advocate, curmudgeon, whatever . . . who cares what happens in Syria. Don't we have enough problems here?
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SAR, I'm betting you feel the same internal conflict about this as I do. I agree, where is the rest of the civilized world with the capability to so saying they will not stand for the slaughter of innocent children with WMD's and we're going to stop it? Let's not forget it was Western Europe who first spread their Empires into this region.

On the other hand.... This wasn't a battlefield that was gassed. It was a village and there are almost 2000 dead people, the majority non comabant women, children, and elderly. It can not stand unpunished. To do so can only result in whole scale slaughter. Perhaps this will be the event that draws other nations of Islamic belief to formally take up arms against one of their own.
Let Saudi Arabia punish them.
The French were the first to speak of military action....I had read an article a few weeks ago in which the French were politely told to back off by the Russians and the US.
Let the French punish them.
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