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Syria & The US

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So if you read the circus called the news... The world expects the US to act militarily, after our president opened his mouth about red lines.

My question is... and I understand terrible things are happening there... But where are the Brits, the Germans the French, etc etc... all jumping in saying hey we will lead this charge, we send you in for all the other f'ing messes then blame you yankies for your recklessness.. where are all these f'ing countries expecting us to step up to the plate, why aren't they doing it if they feel so strongly...

Just irritated as hell.. damned if we do, damned if we don't.
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There is this little thing....called MOTHER F'ing RUSSIA the Brits, French and Germans aren't about to play with in Syria. We will do nothing without moscows support ourselves unless ofailure is just mentally unstable. If Russia oaks it we will probably exert a no fly zone while Russia Hilda's an estate in Georgia for assad to live in exile.
I could easily see China and Russia saying, some day, enough is enough. The America's are a nice market place for our goods but they need to leave
our pupets alone.

Alternatively Addad is not Hussein, not osama, and not some Libyan dictator. He is western educated, a doctor I believe, and not about to swing at
the end of rope, be taken down by a seal team or executed on the side of a road. While I think its most likely his population will drive him out and
he'll retire near a shopping mall in Georgia (Russia) (his wife likes to shop apparently) its quite possible this man will engage the United States if
the United States engages him. I know I would - if I were him- I'd find a military colonel, recruit a few dozen English speaking soldiers, and send
them to the US. The havoc they could cause in this nation would bring our economy to our knees and he could even deny deny deny like a BJ
Clinton taught him how.

When I look at the middle east, it is simply a losing battle.

They hate us, they hate each other, and like a colony of ants they will go after whoever pisses them off the most, which at the moment is us.
I think anyone with half a brain knows if we get involved, and get on the opposite side of Russia on this, World War III, game over for everyone.

I could easily see NK, Iran, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, China, and half a dozen other no name countries, saying **** you, western powers.

I feel like we have women, children, and elderly to save in our own country. We need to get our own house in order, cause right now Obama
is chiseling away at the foundation with a jackhammer, and we are just teetering now.

I have studied a lot of history, I understand what decisions, and actions led up to where we are now. The best thing we could do is pull out,
and fix ourselves before we bleed out.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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