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Survival safe haven ideas.

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Hello, well to start off me and a small team are looking into building a doomsday safe haven that we can rent out space to people and along the year have people come visit. It will be located in Georgia on around 50 acers of Timber land with a small lake towards the end of the property, now the building we are having multiple plans being drawn up but the basic idea is a 3 story building with a living roof just incase we cannot farm on the land. 3 or more surrounding buildings connected to each other. Only way to acces the main building is threw the roof of a side building kind of like a draw bridge. One of the buildings will have a garage the slopes down underground. Under the main building and 3 or more surrounding buildings there will be a sub floor like a large basement. We will have room for about 150-200 people (so far ) and that's in a comfortable private living space. We will have a water tower but the kind in the ground like a pool but closed off and a way to gather rain water holds around 500k gallons of water at a time. We will have a small lab, for testing . A medical room and a surgery room, a exsercise department. A work shop room, kitchen and cafeteria , a library , data store room, overseer quarters, armory , small vault, communications, a auditorium just big enough to fit everyone for entertainment, in the garage there will be multiple vehicles for when we need to go out look for supplies,people,ect. We will gather electricity from wind and on the 3rd floor retractable solar panels on the east and west of the buildings the 2nd and 3rd floor will have some windows that are closed off at night a concert slab is hand cranked to cover it from outside hurricane or bullets. This is more or less where we are now I want to know from other Preppers what would you like to see, things you would want if you staid here. And yes everyone would have assign jobs and will be evaluated before coming .
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Hello and yes it will be very long and quite a pretty penny but exciting and just want to see what are some things that other preperrs would want to see if they stairs here I heard some people interested in a class room for the kids so they can learn some people wanted a bar area have a few drink just any ideas I don't want to start building and then someone say something like what about nuclear blast doors haha
When we say overseer quarts it's not a person but more like a place where data about the building is kept, this will not be controlled by one or two people this is woll be controlled by everyone there will
Be nothing hidden among people and yes in te overseers office there will be camera monitors but only on the exterior to secure the perimeter has not been breached
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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