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I would to start by saying sorry for your financial state. Are you among the 54% of america that is jobless? I hate that our country has gotten to this level and its only going to get worse. Anyway back to your situation. I would have to ask what your menu has been looking like to improve it. I have a post somewhere on here about superfoods for under a $1 I dont remember how it would host to a vegan menu. There is a few ways you can go about getting food for cheap. Get involved with a community garden we currently have around 6 in our community. Get involved with the local soup lines. Volunteer to help and you can get the run of the kitchen most of the time. Get involved with a church I am in no means a organized religion supporter but if they will help let them. There again volunteer with them and their fund raisers and such. Go to your local farmers markets and talk to people trade labor for food. Craigslist is a nice source for such. Good Luck!
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