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You got a lot of options on this front. Beans and Rice are hard to beat. With these two staples you have a lot of options from one meal to the next with just a few additions to "bulk them up". Canned meats are a great buy too! I like the canned Chicken and Tuna but I also buy a lot of canned Salmon, Walmarts brand of Spam and smoked oysters. The Spam will season and flavor a pot of beans very nicely although not my first choice. You can dice it up and make fired rice as well. Rice can be used in just about any dinner table sitting in one form or another. Both are cheap and long storing.

If you got a porch or a patio even, you can container garden a Tomato plant or two and a Bell Pepper or two. These are super easy to grow and these are both expensive commodity's in the grocery store that will trim some of the expense off the grocery bill every week. Further more both can be dried and added to dishes you cook later.
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