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Survival camp/group/town in central america

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I am a licensed ND/GP doctor, living in Costa Rica, central America, and am interested in forming a survival group here in C.A. . There is far less government intrusion, making it quite easy to setup a self sufficient survival camp, and or community. Land here outside the metropolitan areas is not that expensive, many mountainous areas easy to isolate with water. Power could easily be generated with wind, and solar.. A aquaponic project could even provide both food and income. Some are already doing such.
I have an established nonprofit Assoc. and could be used to shield such a project financially both in and outside the country. Others can be established in Panama easily also. I have a good friend ready and able to assist us there. Res can be established for investors in such projects, for those who want to stay on a permanent basis .
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That sounds like a great idea, i have been kicking it around a bit. I'd need to sell my property here in the states first.
Stoopid is
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