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Doing another round of clean outs, price does not include shipping - lighter stuff will be about $5, heavier items will be closer to $15-20 shipped via FedEx.

Will pay payment Family & Friends via PayPal or send me some good 'ole Fiat Currency. I also have some items I am looking for which will be listed below.

Pickup in the Northern Columbus OH area or shipping anywhere CONUS where items are not prohibited. Some pictures are not included, can send via email, can also send more detailed pictures of single items/specific lots via email.

For those in the OH area, I also have a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine, 16.2" 1:16 barrel w/ Muzzle Brake (not the fake-can version), has the HBI AK-style safety, HBI flat trigger and reduced weight spring kit installed as well as 11 mags - can work out trades/deals based on that locally, no interest in dealing with FFL to FFL shipping nightmares at this time.

---90 pcs of .308 / 7.62x51 Brass, all of these were fired out of a CMMG Mk3 $20

---480rds of .308 / 7.62x51. All are brass cased and range from 147gr M80 Ball by CBC to 180gr SP, also have some 168 SMK Match ammo in there. Some of the ammo is included in the Mags, which I will unload. Can work a bulk deal to include Mags. $280 LOCAL PICKUP

---Four (4) x 20rd AND Two (2) x 25rd Magpul 308 PMAGs, most have the top covers. Will not separate at this time $110

---Maryland Gun Works (MGW) Glock Sight Pusher. This is BNIB and for all sized Glock slides (9/40/357/45GAP AND 10mm/45ACP) - you just need to remove the shim for the Larger Frames. These are for ANGLED-side Glock sights, this will not work for straight walled adjustable rear sights like Henning, etc. Comes with original packaging and insturctions. $100

---Brownells Glock Front Sight Tool. Used it once, not a lot of area to grip but it does work, non-magnetic $5

---PSA AR-15 Charging Handle $10

---Seekins Precision Extended Charging Handle $70

---PSA AR-15 A2 Style Birdcage Flash Hider & Crush Washer $5

---BCM Angled Keymod Handstop, Can be used on AR Pistols as it does not count as a grip $15

---Rapid Fire Tek M85/M92 PAP Dust Cover Tapping Kit, this is to attach a rail section in front of the rear sight on the M85/M92 PAP pistols, it has the jig, drill bits, end mills and Tap plus instructions on the packet. $50

---ZevTech 6# Trigger Spring and Reduced Weight (30% reduction?) Safety Plunger Spring $10

---Magpul Flip-Up Back Up Sight (MBUIS), Black, Front & Rear $70

---Barksa (BSA) crappy little reflex sight, red/green with some brigtness setting - will survive on a .22LR/.223/5.7, not much past that $25

---Magpul MOE Stock, Wolf Gray (Urban Gray?) $30

---PSA-Marked AR-15 M4-Style Adjustable butt stock $10

---20rds 180gr Remington .30-06 (NOT PICTURED) $15 LOCAL PICKUP

---Harbor Freight 2" Hitch Mount $ 5" Non-Adjustable Vice, will include hardware/some original packaging (NOT PICTURED) $40

---Kley-Zion (Botach) AR-15 Barrel Wrench, this is a Geiselle Reaction Rod copy with flats welded in, easy to use and heavy duty (NOT PICTURED) $50

---Wolff 17# Sig P-Series (220/224/225/226/227/228/229/M11/Mk25) Mainspring, this is the longer one for non-insert/non-SRT German and early Exeter Sigs, I get them longer to cut them to length for variable spring rate, you can get it to about 14# cutting coils off $50

---Saiga-12 Sporter Parts Kit - polymer foregrip & stock as well as OEM fire control group parts, unsorted pins and screws $20


---DOD MREs, value depends on if they're boxed or singles, going off of the actual rate of $75/12 - not these hyperinflated non-PX prices on Amazon

---Tyr Tactical GPC in FDE, Large

---Cyre Precision JPC or JPC2.0 in FDE

---Multicam/OCP 3-Day Assault Ruck w/ Frame OR USMC Ruck in FDE (forget what the Jarheads call their gear)

---Highcom Level 4 (4S17) SAPI Plates, Large - will also take Shooter's Cut Level 4s in Large or any other Level 4/RST from a reputable company

---JP Enterprise AR-15 Silent Capture Buffer System Gen 1 or 2 (2 preferred)

---EOTech 512,552,XPS2-0 or EXPS3-2

---Dillon XL650 w/ Case Feeder in 9mm

---Lifestraws (BNIB), CAT TQs, NAR NCDs and NAR IFAKs are always fun to have
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