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SUPER finds at Catholic charities.

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Found a hardback edition of ONE SECOND AFTER and a "book on fixing household items". $$$$$ ONE DOLLAR EACH.
Now my search for a hardback issue of Unintended Consequinces goes on, maybe just under the next stack of books.
And, as a strange coincidence, I was just beginning to read One Second After on my phone.
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I just finished up One second after and One year after and pre ordered The Final Year. I loved the series of books and there is a lot of good information in them. Currently reading Patriot.

Before the One Second After series, I read the 299 Days series of 10 books. I highly recommend them and they too have a lot of good information in them.
Excellent information and detailed scenario regarding the actions that lead to the self destruction of society, that is more than realistic and probable. I am reading One Year After this weekend as I travel.
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