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Suing state college

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I heard on the radio earlier here in Montana. There is a college student that cannot pass the tests to graduate and get her degree. So, she decided to sue the state because she has addhd or whatever it is. Listen, the only ones that claim to have adhd or add are probably under 30. It is some bullshit excuse because people are too ****in lazy to actually pay attention!! I hear it ALL the time.. I am as hyper as they come and am always on the move but don't use some trumped up "disease" as an excuse.. Just because you payed your tuition doesn't mean you are guaranteed to pass!! Pay attention and do the ****ing work!!! Is there anyone on here over 30 that has add or adhd?
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As one who teaches at a state college I can't wait to see how this turns out - when I flunk someone they are fired because they are only in my class because a police dept has hired them. Its rough - I have one right now with a great attitude and no apptitude. I feel for the guy but if you can't read or type you can't make it as a police officer. We are only in school 4 hrs a day so he's got time to remedy the issue - I hope he does - he's a good guy and would make a good cop. I can't imagine one of my students filing a law suit over getting flunked out.
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