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Stuck please help

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Hey guys in the process of building my B.O.B but I'm at a stalemate. I don't know what else I need. Currently I have firestarters, flint and steel, survival knife, regular knives (2), bright L.E.D. flashlights batteries (32 count AA AAA), Tylenol cordage, fuel syphon, tarp, folding saw, lighter, knife sharpener, work gloves, emergency blanket, 4 bottles of water, and a SS cup for boiling water. That's about it. I know I need a first aid kit but I want to build my own (any suggestions), and I also know I need food like cliff bars and jerky but any other suggestions? O yea I don't have a bag yet as well. I am waiting to get my supplies together to determine the size any good suggestions on a good quality bag?

Let me add sunscreen and bug spray
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A hatchet or machete would be nice.
It's hard to say much more without knowing your personal size and weight carrying ability.
I was thinking of a hatchet because it's more compact. I do have a machete but its in the shed not my bag lol. In reference to size and weight im 5'10" and 250
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Insect repellent. They now have the small ones that look like a small tube.
I forgot I bought some when I was at the store the other day. Two small cans of the deep woods OFF
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Get yourseelf a half dozen Ramen noodle packets, too.It's hard to say much more without knowing your personal size and weight carrying ability.
I thought about these or M.R.Es however, should I get a small portable pot to add to my SS cup?
  • Have you tried using the flint and steel? It's all well and good to have one, but they're a lot more difficult to be successful with than most people think. Take it out in the woods, find a half dozen different kinds of natural tinder, and try to start a fire with them. Not man made stuff, like cotton balls, but natural items; mosses, punk wood, thistle, bark, etc. Until you are proficient with a firesteel, it's better to keep extra lighters around (I have four lighters in my kit despite fairly extensive practice with my firesteel).
  • You have a "survival knife". What kind? This is probably the most important part of your kit, be sure it's a sturdy knife, one that won't break after a few days of heavy use, and one that will keep an edge. A lot of survival type knives are half serrated. Personally I think serrations are a waste of perfectly good knife edge, but again your mileage may vary. A sharp edge will cut through anything as well and as quickly as a serration will, and it's much easier to maintain.
  • The machete suggestion is a good one, especially if you get a quality blade with a sawback (one of the few things I don't mind being multi-purpose). Before that, I would recommend a good shovel or entrenching tool. This will come in handy for flattening campsites, fleshing out a more permanent fire pit for longer stays, digging holes next to water to let it filter naturally... digging holes to discard your waste in, and much much more. These can be inexpensive or expensive; I've found somewhere in the middle is usually just fine, with the exception of a little Gorge Folding Shovel by Gerber (for being cheap but awesome). $20, and I beat the hell out of it for three days an outing back, and it came out like a champ. Whatever you choose, look at the welds/rivets holding the handle to the blade. You want at least three points of solid connection; there are a lot of cheaper shovels that only have two rivets, and are missing a third right where the handle meets the blade (and takes the most abuse), and these will bend on you every time.
- I have been practicing on trying to perfect it but only with cotton balls as a start then throwing timber on there. I'm going to start with just timber because even with cotton balls its a little tricky.

- My "survival" knife is a low end one however, I have made some alterations to it like reinforcing the blade and remaking the survival tools in it. the knife has a saw back as well as the machete I own.

- now I have been looking at shovels but there is so damn many to choose from. I like your pointers on what to look for though. I have been trying to "draw" up something where I can makeshift my own but so far the materials I have been looking at are heavy, obviously more durable but for a bug out kit weight matters. where did you purchase your shovel?
Just out of curiosity are you using a backpack stlye bag or more of a ruck sack type? Hope this helps.
Haven't purchased a bag yet because I want to get the contents then make a better assessment as to what size I need but I'm leaning more towards a MOLLE backpack vs. a hiker style bag
I if I understand you correctly you have 32 batteries
no I have a AA 32 pack and a AAA 32 pack lol. yea I guess its a bit excessive for one pack.
Black & Decker Mini Round Point Shovel with D Handle - Lawn & Garden - Outdoor Tools & Supplies - Hand Gardening Tools
I know its not a "survival" or "camping" shovel per se but I was thinking this little guy with a fiberglass handle could be useful.... what do you think since you have use with shovels for this particular use
Once you do get your bag fill it and prep it dont let it sit in the closet for the rest of its life. Put it on and go jog a couple of miles at a slow pace or start out walking depending on your fitness level, but do this atleast once a week. Prep your body not just your gear.Too make a list of what is in the bag along with expiration dates if you have any to keep your bag up to date.
for the very reason of a SHTF situation and being able to bug out effectively I have started working out and getting into shape again lol and am also getting my wife onboard with the excersize
Also they folding saw seems redundant If you have a decent sized knife or machete/ parang but that's just my input
I'm not planing on taking my machete with a saw back in my B.O.B as I am a hatchet though.
Oooo and I just thought of it a face mask / or buff / bandanas would be good.
I forgot about buffs... I have them just never thought of putting them in our bug out bag.
I saw insect repellent and sunscreen mentioned, however we are now getting out of that season, unless you live pretty far south. I divided my stuff into "modules," essentially various 1 gallon ziplock bags that have stuff appropriate for the season and replace the seasonal module as needed. My summer has bug spray, a mosquito netting that goes over my head and neck (over a ball cap), sunscreen, chapstick with sunscreen, while my winter has a hat, gloves, wind pants, wool socks, etc... I also make changes to my meals, rotating out Propel eloectrolyte packets with Lipton Cup-O-Soup, etc...

But you are off to a good start.
yea I'm pretty much about 45 mins from Mexico lol. However, I do like the concept of seasonal bags to change out through the year.
update: just added silverware (interlocking camp style knife spoon and fork), p38 can openers, life straws (2), folding shovel (rothco) it was crap but I founda different one half the price and twice the strength at Academy, and a fiberglass hatcthet
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