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Storing Butane Lighters

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Butane lighters will eventually leak and become worthless. Here's a (theoretical) way to store them so they last longer. Please note that I haven't tried this (because I don't rely on disposable lighters) but it should work...

Put a small canning jar, seal, and band in the refrigerator until they get cold, then slowly take them out, add your lighters, and seal them tight. That's it, yer done.

The idea here is that when the jar gets to room temperature, the air inside will expand. This will put the contents under a little pressure. As long as the pressure outside of the lighter is higher than the pressure inside of the lighter, it can't leak. In fact, the higher pressure outside should actually force the valve to seat more firmly.

Even if the lighters do leak a little, they should stop as soon as the pressures equalize. The lighters inside should remain usable as long as your container can hold the pressure, which should be a very long time. If you ever need to open the container and remove a lighter, just repeat the process with the remaining ones.
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Sounds like a sound idea but, I have found or stored Bics (only) and have never found one out of gas that I hadnt ran it out by myself.seems like other butane lighters are useless.we also keep on hand bic sparkies,the long lighters for fireplace/bbq lighting,I used one the other day that was in the package for at least 3 years.and you could see that the level was still high in the reservoir.also, zippos,matches and other goods are kept by us as well.
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