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Store canned food, water , rice in a little barn

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Hi all,

I am new to prepping, and I want to begin to store canned food, water, rice etc in a barn.
What I was wondering is the following, in the summer it can be hot inside and in the winter it can be cold, could this affect the food and water quality?

Looking forward to an answer.

Kind regards,

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We live in North Florida, where it gets below freezing on some winter mornings.
And in the summer we have several months of afternoons that will be above 100 degrees.
On our front porch we have several old, non working, chest freezers.
We keep canned goods in those.

I'm not sure leaving canned goods sitting on shelving exposed to your extremes in temperature would be a good thing.
Perhaps some of our members who live further north can answer that.
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Everything that I’ve heard for years and years say that storage conditions can greatly affect canned food quality. All of my canned goods are stored at a constant 70 degrees f. Just yesterday I opened a can of chili with a 2017 best by date and it was fine. I’ve heard heat is most detrimental to food quality reducing both taste and shelf life.
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Other than salt and sugar that are stored in rodent proof containers, I'd suggest keeping your food preps in the house in a cool, dry place. We do store dried dog food out in the barn, but not for much more than one year.

People have come up with all different ways to resourcefully stash food. Under beds, behind sofas and dressers, making a coffee table and covering it with a table cloth. I've heard a couple Mormon ladies say you can 'fit one year's food supply for one person under a twin bed.' Although I've never tried doing that myself, as one of them (Wendy Dewitt) said, 'Whatever else is under there is not as important as your family member's temporal good.'p--or something to that effect.
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Your food should be stored between 40*-70*F. This is even more important for canned good. Heat will cause all foods to break down, and cold can freeze your canned goods and pop the seals. Swinging back of forth from extremes is a recipe for disaster.
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