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Stay warm and well fed...

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From my family to yours, warmest holiday wishes and at the risk of offending some, God bless America!:D
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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is not because of the food, although I REALLY enjoy when Mrs Inor makes a big dinner. It is not because we get the whole family together, although I love to see them all. It is because Thanksgiving is the only holidays that we celebrate producers. It is a holiday where we celebrate how our hard work, combined with God's providence, has allowed us put back enough to make it through the coming winter. - Sounds a bit like what we all practice every day of the year yes?

So yes, I guess Thanksgiving is the original prepper holiday.

May you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving and a special thanks to all of you that have served or are currently serving our country.
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Happy thanksgiving, merry Christmas, and God bless America. Oh and nuke a gay whale for Jesus!
Nukes are expensive. Can't we just harpoon 'em the old fashioned way then boil him down and make lamp oil for our bunkers?
Well OK but only because harpooning really pisses PETA off. I like the saying because it seems to piss everyone off equally.
Why would you want to piss off (P)eople (E)ating (T)asty (A)nimals? :D
I completely agree. We should talk to Longrider and see if she can find out if PETA is planning a rally in the central U.S. next spring and hold out ronny-voo there! Those PETA types are usually also hippies. So I can also get my hippie-punching fix.
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Wow, that train went waaaay off track...:roll:
Sorry - I'm just riddled with ADD. :)
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