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Spare Parts for AR 15's. What Do You Keep Around?

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I'm concerned after elections next year the gun grabbers are going to be hard at it. I think they are using California and New York as test areas right now. Hopefully I'm wrong, but, I want to be prepared. I have a couple AR's and have purchased an LPK from PSA. Thinking of getting another LPK and I want to get a 1:7 upper from PSA when funds are available so I can push heavier rounds down range. Since I've never had any problems with either of my AR's, I'm curious as to what people keep around for spare parts just in case. I hope the gun grabbers don't gain any traction next year but if they do, I'm concerned that evil black rifles will be at the top of the list. Wondering what parts people see wear out or break the fastest. I want to be able to keep my rifles functioning for years to come, even if parts become available. Hopefully those in power will respect the 2A, but you never know.
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In my humble opinions the only way to be sure is to buy two exactly matching units.

And the other opinion, I have owned four different AR rifles, One of them that I currently have has over four thousand rounds through it. Never had a jamb or a miss fire, this rifle was purchased in 2003 and I use it as a hunting rifle and drag it around with dirt and dust on it.

I recently seen a test in a prominent gun magazine where they took several brand new AR rifles and ran 10,000 rounds each through them in a couple of days and recorded how many failure to feed and how many misfires etc and then tore them down and bore scoped them to see what was the best and worst ammo.

In the entire run with multiple rifles and several ammo types there were only a couple duds and three or so failure to feeds, out of many thousands of rounds total.

Tulla was worst Silver Bear was second worst, and federal something was best as defined by internal throat barrel wear.

My point is, If you clean your AR and it is of reasonable mid range quality. You will not wear it out in your life time. You are kinda being silly if you think you need to keep a bunch of backup parts.

You likely will not be able to afford the ammo necessary to wear out a part in a newer high quality AR.

This is why they in my opinion are the ultimate fire arm.
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