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Source for DI uppers for AR-15 receivers?

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Got a few AR lower receivers that I am playing around with at the moment. I wanted to look into building one using a Gas Piston upper. Are there any companys out there that make assembled Gas Piston uppers in 5.56 that are quality built set ups. Not really a brand name whore, but don't want any slapped together cheapies either.

Im looking to build a 5.56 gun with a 16 inch medium-med/heavy barrel with fold down front sight and flat top that will take a scope or fold down rear sight. Gonna keep this one pretty clean and not hang 10 lbs of tacticool crap on it.

If you got any leads on places making this sort of set up do leave me a link to chase down if you could be so kind.
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Ooops, I was a dummy having a senior moment, yeah your right Inceptor, I ment to type Gas Piston!!! See what happens when your trying to quit smoking and your e-cig battery craps out right after you wake up and your jonsing for a fix?

Dang I cant access the title to fix it!!! What a duffus...
Ah hell, now we're talking, cause I won't own DI anymore with how good piston AR's have gotten. :D

Rainier sells Adams which I having been using gas piston AR's for about a decade now and feel are one of the best systems out there in my opinion and they make high quality melonite treated uppers for reasonable prices and use myself.

For what you're looking for a med to heavy barrel upper with room for optics and folding BUIS they've got options for you. Rainier has the 16 inch stainless, fluted barreled, competition upper on sale right now which is designed around precision shooting and perfect for optics.

You're still going to get a very accurate upper with one of the non-fluted government profile barrels though and longer lasting since it's melonite treated. Per say you wanted more of a fighting upper.

I personally like the EVO models and plan on using one for another AR with there thinned down forearm without the side and full length lower rails on the it that have never been useful to me and make the grip less comfortable. I've only ever needed to mount BUIS on the top, sling swivels on the side front rails and room for a bipod down on the bottom front should I want it. The EVO are designed around that.

Here's Adams mother site,

Adams Arms

and here is another dealer RifleGear that my neighbor dealt with and was good and has good deals,

AR Complete Upper Assemblies[ManufacturerID=59*Sort=3*ava=0]
Thanks for the hot leads. Didn't see any that really got me too excited although they did have one that looked close to what I wanted. Just really didn't care for the barrel with the grenade launcher cut out on it. Man, sometimes I am worse than a woman shopping for shoes or a dress, lol! Other than that it looked pretty promising. I really like the Magpul MOE grip on it though. I definitely think I will be using a lot of Magpul furniture. Guess I will look around a little while. Its not like I aint got all winter to shop...
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