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sos bday present

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I got my son these two pieces. his b day is in two weeks.

I hope he likes what i got him. both 45s. also threw in 1000 rounds and some rosewood grips, custome holsters with matching belts.:grin:

im really really hoping he likes these two guns.
i think they will go nicely with the 870 rem and mosin that i got him and of course he has a 10/22 lol
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my birthday is in september - can I have that 50 caliber bolt action?

Seriously Shotlady, If they aren't pleased as can be you need to use those guns on them.
Very nice - not my cup of tea but still very nice. (I reload and I hate chasing brass)
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Tell him I said "thank you" for his service!
You're still a great mom.
I will be 63 in September but I have a wonderful wife who will give me anything whether its my birthday or not. You remind me just a bit of her - but she's always right here with me.
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