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We have all had those times when it seems like if it were not for bad luck we would have no luck at all. But the last 24 hours have been the exact opposite for me.

It started when I was coming home from Newark, NJ yesterday afternoon. I forgot to stop and gas up the rental car before bringing it back. I realized my mistake only after I had driven over the spike strips at the airport. So I figured they would do their usual charge of about $30 for a 1/4 tank of gas. The kid checking the car in gave me the receipt, he only charged my $10!

I went to check in for my flight even though I was quite a bit early. I figured I would hang out in the airport and get something to eat since I would be getting home well past suppertime. But checking in, I found out there was an earlier direct flight that had a seat open and could confirm it for me! That got me home a full 3 hours earlier than I would have.

So I took my ticket and went off to find the right security line. I looked down and noticed that I had won the TSA Pre-Check lottery this week! - No standing in line, no taking off my belt, boots or jacket, just a bunch of dirty looks from New Yorkers as I completely bypassed the security checkpoint in less than a minute. WOO HOO!!!

Today Mrs Inor and I were discussing what to get our younger daughter and her husband for an anniversary present. (Their anniversary is Tuesday.) We had been talking about getting them a Beretta 92 FS because they both liked ours so much. So, we headed over to our local Gander Mountain and picked up the last Beretta 92 they had in stock.

As I filled out the paperwork on the gun, Mrs Inor was looking around at ammunition. They did have a good supply, but the prices were still more than I wanted to spend - certainly down from a couple months ago, but still high. We figured if we could find a brick of .22 for under $30 we would buy it. Mrs Inor could not find any .22LR on the shelves, so I asked the salesman filling out the paperwork where it was. He said they were still rationing .22, but since we were buying a gun we could buy some (without a limit even though we were buying a 9mm)! So I bought 2 pails of Remington JHP, 1400 rounds each for $60 each!

So as I said in my opening sentence, some days really suck but days like yesterday and today make it all worthwhile.
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