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Hey guys, I wanted to let everyone know again that I will have my business license this coming week. If you are looking for anything send me an email. I will have items such as:

Ammunition (possibly.. still checking into the legality of selling without an FFL), Stocks, Slings, Rails, Optics (Distance Viewing, Firearm Optics and lasers, Night Vision and Infrared), Rail Mounts, Magazines and Accessories, Holsters, Grips, Cleaning kits and Accessories, Cases and Range bags, Bipods and Tripods, other accessories and tools.

3 day survival kits, Emergency Tools, First Aid, Navigation, Radios, Sanitation and Hygiene supplies, Water and Food rations, Water Purification.

Batons, Home security items and kits, Pepper Spray, Safes, Stun Guns, Surveillance Equipment.

Climbing gear and Ropes.

Military and survival books CD's and DVD's.

Military apparel, Bags and packs, Eye wear, Field Gear, Flashlights, Footwear, Gloves and Inserts, Head wear, Knives, Tactical gear, Tools, Uniform Accessories, Uniforms.
Law Enforcement apparel, Badges and ID, Duty Gear, Safety gear.

Hunting apparel, Game Calls, Targets.

Camping and Hiking Accessories, Backpacks, Clothing, Cooking, Fire starters and Kindling, Flashlights and Lanterns, Footwear, Furniture, Hydration, Knives, Sleeping bags and Pads, Tents and Toilets.

Again, send me a message on here and let me know what it is you're looking for. I will have my website up in the next month or two.
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