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StarPD45 is right, If you just want a small setup for charging a car battery or two Harbor Freight is the way to go they have a
complete system that can had for about $150 delivered. But for a little bit bigger system I went with Windynation.
I had a problem with my order and it was taken care of quickly and professionally. -good guys-
Don't poke fun at the small set ups with the right lights you can light up 2-3 rooms all night on a car battery and recharge
the next day and that's better than what most have when TSHTF

If you use the 1-800 number the shipping is less than $10

But if you want to look at bunch of websites go on ebay and look at solar panel kits there are a
few of them and almost all of them have a website some even have a link.

What size kit or solar product are you looking for?
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