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I live in new england and was wondering if anybody has done anything with solar besides the hot water system. Theoretically I would like to be able to run my freezer and fridge off solar power, so mostly during the summer months as in the winter we do not have nearly the difficulty in keeping stuff cold, there might be some help needed but it would certainly be far less than the summer months. Which considering the daylight shortage should work itself out. So any ideas, or suggestions on how or if I can make this idea work?
Here is some real life info
First if you do solar move your freezers outside to an uninsulated outbuilding. In the winter they will run less (when your solar system gets less sun) and in the summer who cares as your solar system will keep up.

For instance I have 2 chest freezers in the 20cf size one is new and one is 15 years old but still energy star rated. In my basement they used 3 kw of power a day. Outside they use 1.2 kw a day in the winter, almost a third. You can get a "Kill-a-watt" meter at Home Depot for about $30 that can tell you what your appliances use.

I have 2 chest freezers because I need the storage but also as I empty the first one, I plan on running it on a external thermostat and turning it into my refrigerator...

External thermostat turns a 120v AC freezer into a refrigerator. No modification needed. Energy consumed as a refrigerator is roughly 1/3rd less then that consumed by the freezer. Your freezer's plug simply plugs into this thermostat's corded outlet and the thermostat's corded plug inserts into your 120v AC wall outlet. Temperature range: -30 to 100 degrees F.

With this set up your "rechesterator" uses about 400 watts a day and does all your refrigerator needs but no auto defrost or humidity control.

Ok now for the cost, I am putting a solar system in next month to run these critical systems and my water well so I know what stuff is worth and how much capacity i will need. If you do it right with the Trojan L16 RE 6v batteries that last 8-10 years and a 48 volt system you will be in the $8000 range minimum for cost if you do all the work yourself. If you hire it out probably $15k. Stay away from the typical deep cycle batteries or "golf cart batteries" as the normal life is 2-3 years.

This isn't a piece meal experiment, this is the full Mounty as it should be done with MPPT charge controllers, pure sign wave inverters and the appropriate breakers and junctions. Keep in mind DC power will kill you faster than a Black Friday stampede so make sure you do your homework if you DIY.

Ok good news now, if you grid tie your system, you can get a federal tax CREDIT for 40% of the cost, unless this dies this year in budget cuts.
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