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Why is the hood, roof trunk lid, doors, of a chevy volt not made up of solar panels.

I was down to the fair and seen the lattest 30" x 60" approximate 350 watt solar panels,

And wondered, why are the electric cars not equipped with solar cells all over them?

This seemingly would be an easy retro fit as well for a body / fab shop.

I bet with a little size selection, you could get,

two on the roof,

Two on the hood

one on the trunk

And one on each door.

6 x 350 equals 2100 watts,

If I parked correctly at work I believe you could charge the thing in good weather, these panels as they are 400 a panel would be 2400 cost on an electric car, if they were integrated into the design, probably half of that.

Geez, am I the only person thinking here, come on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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