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I think there is a market for them to do it by cell not by panel. Incorporate cells into the fit / finish to add power. They could even give consumers instructions on where to park to get the most juice. The area (size of the hood, truck, roof) is not enough to give the car a real charge but every little bit should help.

That said I still have 2 issues with electric cars. One is that we should not subsidize with tax dollars a $40,000 vehicle. People that can afford a $40k car need to pay up. Two is the that it can cost us a lot in terms of electricity and the burdens of the later. MOST people I dare say are not aware of electricity costs. I pay .155 cents per kilowatt hour because I'm in a subsidized power district but others here in CA pay upwards of .33 cents a kilowatt hour. Meanwhile folks in Oklahoma and Texas (I hear they are the least) might be paying under .10 a kilowatt hour. Right now electric car sales are minor, but what happens as they grow and need more juice + our nuclear power plants are aging out which means less juice. This combination is ripe for "supply demand" problems. That can impact us all.

PS these richfolks that can afford a Volt, BMW, or whatever that's pure electric - make them put in a solar system to fuel the bugger.
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