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Explorer Outlet - Discount Explorer Socks Online | Bonds Outlet
Holeproof Explorer Socks | eBay

now we all know nothing is more important than your feet, we go to grate lengths with boots, shoes, but what about socks

these are the only everyday work sock I will use, don't let the thickness fool you, in the hottest Australian summers my feet are still blister free (its something to do with the wool blend)

i have also put these to the test, fighting bush fires... coming home after 8-10 hours on your feet... and my feet are still blister free (I guarantee they don't smell the best tho)

i still have the first pair I bought over 10 years ago, they are worn, but hole free (bonus)

to those that have never herd of them, take the gamble (ladies they make these for you to) it will be the best pay off (if you wear safety boots for any reason, you will thank me)
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