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So I got back from the local Wally World earlier, and noticed how bare the shelves

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were of lots of canned goods and other supplies. I was thinking the same with some continued strengthening even though I keep a good supply of canned prep for my space. Anyone else notice the same in their local stores?

WWIII right around the corner kids. :mrgreen:
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I havent noticed any shortages but the prices are skyrocket high. a few months ago i bought packs of chicken.for about 4 dollars now the same chicken with less is 10 to 12 dollars and its not chicken breast. even them grade c 10 lbs bags of chicken are expensive now.eggs are 3.50. on salepowder milk was 13.50 last month now 22 dollars.i went grocery shopping and was daaang.
Gas here went up 20 cents in 7 hrs. i went to work it was 3.60 on my way home 3.80 now today on my way to work 3.82 on my way back from work 3.89
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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