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So I got back from the local Wally World earlier, and noticed how bare the shelves

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were of lots of canned goods and other supplies. I was thinking the same with some continued strengthening even though I keep a good supply of canned prep for my space. Anyone else notice the same in their local stores?

WWIII right around the corner kids. :mrgreen:
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I live in a more rural, conservative heavier area with a good amount of people who see Obama for the piece of moron fluff he is. People thought it prudent around here to get some more goods ahead of time even with what they already had I think. There hasn't been any .22lr and lots of other ammo for months around here. It comes in and goes out minutes later. City folks who come looking for handouts if the shite droppings do hit the fan, will find when eat trespassers around here.

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I see the barbecue. Where's the beer?
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Freekin gas perked up again today, 3.819 a gallon after already increasing it....don't these morons' believe Putin? Come on!
I remember at one gas spike an oil company spokesman was asked why the increase? He answered Iran had threatened war with the US and was going to run us out of the area. He said this caused great fear and uncertainty, but he couldn't keep a straight face.
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