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So I got back from the local Wally World earlier, and noticed how bare the shelves

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were of lots of canned goods and other supplies. I was thinking the same with some continued strengthening even though I keep a good supply of canned prep for my space. Anyone else notice the same in their local stores?

WWIII right around the corner kids. :mrgreen:
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Haven't really noticed anything here, but I went sort of Guano about three weeks ago with a 6 hour shopping spree that still has a few bags stacked in the bedroom floor waiting for it's integration into the inventory.

Still need to find more palatable powdered milk that's available locally though.
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Probably not what you're looking for since it's not local, but I have really liked the "Morning Moo." Think they may be out of Utah, not sure.
Do you have a distributer that you prefer? I'm not against ordering it if shipping is reasonable.
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