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So I got back from the local Wally World earlier, and noticed how bare the shelves

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were of lots of canned goods and other supplies. I was thinking the same with some continued strengthening even though I keep a good supply of canned prep for my space. Anyone else notice the same in their local stores?

WWIII right around the corner kids. :mrgreen:
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I think it may have a lot to do with your location. Where I used to live out in the rural beauty, Wally World would get picked clean every time the members of the 100 million people who are on some form of government assistance would get their monthly payment. Shelves would get picked clean with trucks a week out for next delivery.

Now that I live in Megapolis, there is plenty of food. Wide variety too. Don't shop on the weekends though - human hordes mean long times waiting for the Zombies hired by Wally World to be cashiers to process the scannable goodies.

I even can find ammo - scored some .22 LR 325 round boxes for $13.50ish. 55 grain .223 is everywhere but around 60 cents a cartridge, so I just bought one box to hit my three box limit.

Now, if someone just whispers SHTF it will all be gone like locusts have descended....

I did score some canned fish I could not find before - smoked salmon and smoked trout. Grabbed some sardines and tuna too.

And beef jerky - always gotta get some of that.

Lot more resources in the big cities - but dang, lots of empty pie holes looking for food, too....

If it does come down, it will get real ugly....

Big city life sucks - way too many people....
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