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Sleeping bags

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I am looking for a good low cost sleeping system. Due to some health issues I have gained some weight, so I am 6' 2" and 310 lbs. I know there are some military past and present on here. So my question is the military bivy systems are they large enough for a larger man or should I look elsewhere? I am wanting to do some camping/back packing I will not be able to do much cause I can't breathe, but I can't stand not getting out in the woods. There are some used ones for around $50 used like this. -- Military Modular Outdoor Sleep System w/ Sleeping Pad - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY!!

I just wonder if I am too large, any help would I would be grateful for.
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I did alot of research on that sleeping system. I am a bigger guy myself, 6'4 about 300. its just not going to cut it for our size.
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