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Sleeping bags

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I am looking for a good low cost sleeping system. Due to some health issues I have gained some weight, so I am 6' 2" and 310 lbs. I know there are some military past and present on here. So my question is the military bivy systems are they large enough for a larger man or should I look elsewhere? I am wanting to do some camping/back packing I will not be able to do much cause I can't breathe, but I can't stand not getting out in the woods. There are some used ones for around $50 used like this. -- Military Modular Outdoor Sleep System w/ Sleeping Pad - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY!!

I just wonder if I am too large, any help would I would be grateful for.
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Hey Sarge
I like the Military Modular systems, but I don't know if they will "fit" you as anyone in your "size" is outside the normal range of combat effectiveness. sorry to be blunt but that is the truth.

I would guess that you could survive in most conditions that I would not, (being 6' 3" tall and 200 lbs)

Don't look at your "bulk" as being a deterrent" if you are in a colder climate. If you are in a warmer climate then you could be screwed.

In Montana you could be very comfortable being overweight as you are, and surviving 20 below weather, if you live in Texas then you are screwed.

IMO the higher your weight, the farther NORTH you should go, it just makes sense
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