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Sleeping bags

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I am looking for a good low cost sleeping system. Due to some health issues I have gained some weight, so I am 6' 2" and 310 lbs. I know there are some military past and present on here. So my question is the military bivy systems are they large enough for a larger man or should I look elsewhere? I am wanting to do some camping/back packing I will not be able to do much cause I can't breathe, but I can't stand not getting out in the woods. There are some used ones for around $50 used like this. -- Military Modular Outdoor Sleep System w/ Sleeping Pad - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY!!

I just wonder if I am too large, any help would I would be grateful for.
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Yeah I don't think that any of the military sleeping systems would work to well for you. Hell I was in standards barely weight wise at 5' 11' and 194 lbs (at least that low by PRT Weigh In time anyways...), so it doesn't take much to outsize their systems as they are more geared to skinnier people than even I! Due to better eating than I was able to do in the military, Im a bit lighter now and I looked at bags and since I like the roomier large bags as opposed to mummy bags I ended up with the -20 degree bag from Bass Pro that I use here in the fall, winter and early spring here. It has a tan looking canvas type outer shell with think padded fleece lined inner side. I think the cost was just over 100 bucks. It does weigh a bit so if your doing much of a hike then it might be too heavy. I am kind of older now and I am definitely lazy so I don't hike to far back in although I will often Kayak deep in. I like a larger plush bag and this is the one I ended up with...
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