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Yep, sounds like a good idea to me.

My personal opinion: SKSs are great rifles, especially for the money. But...they are what they are. That is, they are not sniper rifles, they are moderately accurate semi-auto rifles, perfectly capable of hitting man-sized targets out to 300 yards or so, with their issue iron sights. Also, they should be left with their issue 10 round fixed magazines (or possibly the Chinese 20 round fixed mags), and not modified to use those "detachable" 30 round mags, at which point they usually become unreliable, and difficult to reload. Just get 10 round stripper clips, and they reload perfectly fine, and relatively quickly.

So what I'm saying is...if you get an SKS, great! Now, just get some stripper clips and ammo, and use it as it is. If you must have a higher capacity, get an AK! If you must use optics, get a bolt rifle, or an AR or something better suited to optics.

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