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I enjoy thinking tactically and assessing situations. I love those scenes in the Terminator movies where the POV is through the "eye" of the Terminator...the screen is all red, data is being collected and listed on the side, everything in his field of vision is being assessed and identified. It's a good skill to have, and comes in very handy, not only in a survival situation but in everyday life. Like in a busy grocery store with all the checkout lines filled. Through observation of the contents of the carts and the nature of the clerk, the aware individual can usually pick the path of least resistance. This way of observation and thinking came in handy the other day at the Children's Library in my town. Read on if you are interested:
So there we the children's "Christmas Shopping" event at our local library. For every 10 books a kid reads, they get a coupon that they can use to "purchase" 1 item from the "store", which is just a couple folding tables filled with dollar store junk that people have donated. You can get up to 5 coupons per kid. I have 2 little kids. It's fun for them to be able to "buy" something for their grandparents, etc. They also have a supply of wrapping paper/bows/ribbon/tape/scissors for the kids to wrap up their treasures. We get there 10 minutes before the start of the event...there's already a huge line. I notice immediately that there is not enough wrapping paper etc. for all these kids. My wife takes the kids "shopping"....I dip around and get 2 rolls of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, 10 bows and tags and quietly slip them off to the side. A ton of kids get done shopping and go for the wrapping soon runs dry. My kids come out and I quietly escort them off to a small table in the corner and pull out the supplies. By the time we are done...there's a huge line of kids waiting to use the wrapping stations...we put our remaining supplies back and shuffle out the fuss....we're home drinking cocoa around the fireplace instead of waiting in line for 20 minutes like a sucker. Win.

Situational Awareness...the gift that keeps on giving...kind of like the Jelly of the Month Club.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
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