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In fact, Germany had planes capable of flying the Atlantic and bombing America even before WW2 began, namely their Condor airliners (below). However it would only have been a one-way trip because they couldn't carry enough fuel to get back to Europe.
But later Hitler might have been unpredictable enough to send one with an atomic bomb to hit NY, the crew could have u-turned and ditched in the sea after dropping it and been picked up by a U-boat.

"On August 10-11, 1938, Focke-Wulf 200 Condor D-ACON 'Brandenburg' (below) made a record-breaking nonstop flight across the Atlantic from Berlin to Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn, New York.
The 4,075 miles flight (6,437 km) took 24 hours and 57 minutes against strong headwinds, at an average speed of 164 MPH (263 km/h). The return flight to Germany took 19 hours and 47 minutes at an average speed of 205 MPH (330 km/h) on August 13, 1938"

Condors were used for Commerce raiding and U boat support. Couldn't confirm if they supported Bismark Tirpitz etc.
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