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i look at events in the world and wonder if some govt organisations want anarchy, mass civil unrest?
I think we've all heard this claim over and over again in the past. I wonder what the benefits would be for a govt. To instill anarchy?

it seems that there is a lot of muslim driven events, 9/11, recent bombings, soldiers getting beheaded or killed europe, etc.
I think you are spot-on. They are all muslim driven events.

hitler blamed jews, made up propaganda to turn people against them, no-one cared when they were taken away.
Yes you are correct. But I think the muslim situation nowadays is completely different. The evil Islamic religion is causing the problem all over the world and many, many countries have witnessed it first hand. It is much more than one dictator convincing one nation. Muslims are convincing the entire world.
is the us govt doing the same with muslims and the war on terrorism.

Was 9/11 an inside job? Yes it was an inside job! Inside the evil islamic religion.
did those boys plant the bombs at the boston marathon? I think so. They were only following their Islamic teachings.

sorry if this touches a nerve for some, sitting safely here in new zealand i guess it seems a bit possible.
Islam - one of the many faces of Satan
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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