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I sharpen all mine with a generic ass stone so I leave my good sharpener for my hand knives. If you're looking for a factory edge, most good factories use a wax and cardboard wheel impregnated with diamond-laced wax and then buff it briefly after shapening on a cloth wheel. If you're looking for a hand done edge just remember once you take that metal off you can't put it back on. With my machetes I get them to a certain sharpness and then add another steeper bevel at the edge and hone that down till it will bur hair from your arm. Chetes are some damn hard steel and hold an edge pretty well. You can use guides, but I don't like them. Nothing replaces knowing how to get a good edge by hand. The best advice I could give is angle angle angle. Getting BOTH angles right is a must. also remembering that you actually want an edge that is not perfectly smooth because that is more like a razor and will dull easily. You want a rougher, more minutely serrated edge because its good for more work and bites in better. Axe edges are just broader and the blade edge is steeper. I will use a smiths camp sharpener and a steel by henckles, but now I just use the sharpener in most cases.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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