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I was in a minor fender bender a few days ago, where the guy behind me let off his break and hit the rear end of my car. I pulled over and he kept going (like he was trying to leave the scene), but I jumped out and got his licenses number. I saw him glance back and he turned his car around and came back to me. Bad sign! Fight or flight level went from a casual 1 to a awareness of 2. He pulled aside me and rolled down his window and first thing he said was "I don't think there was any damage". WTF? The hit was enough to almost made me hit the steering wheel (whiplash?). I hadn't seen the back of my car though so I continued to get his license and then I went to the back of my car. There was some small impressions and scratches, but mainly the 5th rear spare tire (honda crv) stopped most of the damage. I went over to his car (which he was still sitting in) and asked his name and contact info. I asked him who his insurance was though and he stuttered ... Um um um ummmm.. "I don't really know". WTF again? He finally said "I'd be honest, I really don't think I have any". The guy was in a SUV Lexus and didn't have insurance? Hmmm...... So again, I didn't know what to do, so after getting his contact info we both parted.

Things to think of. There are a lot of a$$h01e drivers out there. A lot of them have attitudes that think the accident is YOUR fault or that they are entitled to go first at a stop sign even though you were there first. Run redlights, get on your bumper. So my thought process is this.

Lesson Learned: I should have first grabbed my baton that I have stored in the car when the guy swung around and I should have put it in my pocket JUST IN CASE he decided to have an attitude and start a fight with me, I could defend myself.
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