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Not in effect yet. Was going to place this in the first email registration portion, but that only allowed 255 characters. Will need a mod install in order to do this automatically.

here is the draft:

Again, Welcome to the Prepper Forum, we are glad you are a member of one of the most important things you can do for your family, friends and yourself.

To get started:

Be sure to introduce yourself at the following link:

Rules can be found at:

Please note that nothing illegal that is defined in the laws of the Government, Local, and State laws is allowed on this site. We want to keep the forum clean, healthy and legal. Please refer to the forum rules if in question for general guidelines and refer to the above agencies for your local, state, and government laws. This also refers to copyright infrigement laws.

If you have never used a forum before, general usage can be found at:

If you have trouble with anything at all, please PM (Personal Message) one of the Moderators (Their username is in Green) or submit a topic in the "Site recommendations, questions, support:

Vendors, sales, ads, distributors and such are welcome on this site for free in the "Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell" section, as long as it pertains to survivalism, prepping, homesteading, gunsmithing, off-grid, bushcrafting, long term food storage, shelter and other items. If in question of where to place the ad or the content of the ad, please contact a moderator or owner of the site.

We have provided several tools in your user control panel. Please look around and enter in information so that other members will be able to relate with you. We have a gallery of avatars that you can choose from or you can upload one of your own (Please see size requirements).

Again, if you have ANY question at all, please feel free to contact me. Keep the form clean, well behaved, respectful, legal, and well informed.

[email protected]
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