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Scout Rifle viability & having realistic expectations

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I've seen, read & listened to a ridiculous amount of information, entertainment media & thought experiments regarding conflict & life in general post-fecal matter impacting the air oscillator. While picturing myself riding across a wasteland atop my armored muscle car with an AK47 in one hand, the other holding bino's, is cool & all, it isn't realistic.
Movie & books often leave out just how improbable it is to stumble from one food & water source to another. The more likely methods for long term survival are homesteading & building a community, not running & gunning across the wilderness.
With all that being said, while i love a good AK, or Galil Ace in my case, I'm giving serious consideration to assembling something akin to Col. Cooper's Scout Rifle concept.
Without boring you with specs, ideas & whatnot, what viability do you see in the scout rifle concept? I see first & foremost practicality. I'm probably not going to spend every day in full battle rattle, but could have a fast handling bolt or lever gun with extra rounds on board all the live long day. Ammo consumption would be much more manageable & I'm familiar enough with living off land & snap-shooting coyotes to comfortably rely on the rifle as a break-contact weapon.

Penny for your thoughts?
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I bought my scout so I could "reach out and touch someone." Certainly not for home defense. I mounted a pistol scope on it to get the eye relief needed, angled BUIS and a bipod. 10rd mags filled with Hornady and I'm punchin' quarter-sized groups at 100 yards all day long. I love the trigger on it.... smooth as silk and breaks clean and crisp.
Savage Arms Scout 11. It's out-of-production now, I believe.
....2. The term "Scout" means "to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate." ....
That's just one 'definition'. Here's another.

Jeep made a scout:

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No its not a different definition...
Its the same Scout Rifle Definition I used at 1. when I asked "what you need a Scout Rifle for?"
So, 'scout' and 'scout rifle' mean the same thing?
It does when you give the definition of "scout rifle" as the definition if "scout"... I am working with what you linked as a different definition for Scout. You're the one who said they were the same thing...

Check your link... If you don't believe me.
I'm not pickin up what you're laying down.

If I call the breakfast I made this morning "Scout bacon and eggs", does that mean my bacon and eggs must having something to do with "to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate"?

If I name my dog Scout, does he need "to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate."?
But you gave the definition of Scout as the definition of Scout Rifle... That is how you chose to define the word "Scout." Now you are trying to back track and "move the goal post" because you defined Scout as "Scout Rifle."

As for me, I was discussing the Original Poster;

So my comments concerning a Scout as I defined and Col. Cooper's concept all related to a Scout's role to "to observe in order to obtain information or evaluate" was one I selected from Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: America's most-trusted online dictionary and my link was to Definition of SCOUT offering plenty of alternative definitions for the Original Poster to select to clarify their vision of why they need the Scout Rifle concept.

As for your Dog you can name what you like, you name International Harvester a Jeep... lol
You implied that, by the definition of 'scout' that you provided, it can't apply to a rifle.

Who's backtracking now?
You provided the link to the definition of Scout Rifle as the Definition of a Scout. Under your definition (following your link.....
Major fail.

It's not MY definition in the link.

I've explained it to you. I can't make you understand it.

You're hopeless.

I'm done here. You win. Happy now?
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