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I picked up an LPVO and cantilever mount for my 5.56 AR.
Following all instructions and advice thus far, I mounted it up and turned it to the lowest magnification.
At this setting, I can see the end of the muzzle device in the bottom of the scope view. It is very clearly off center.
The vertical crosshair is left of center of the muzzle. 2.5-3mm, maybe.

I'm suspecting it's the mount, since the gun itself is not a home-build and has never had the barrel changed. Manufactured by CMMG, so the quality should be decent.
I don't currently suspect a bent or improperly aligned barrel. But anything's possible I suppose.
It's not likely to be a muzzle device issue, as it's a QD mount for my silencer and I don't have anything close to a baffle or end cap strike at all. A 2mm deviation from center would easily cause one.

Is this something that I need to correct, or is it just cosmetic and I should just go try to zero it and see?
If it sounds like it needs fixing, what advice do you have? New mount? Bite the bullet and take it to a gunsmith? Other?

I'm gonna drop my laser chamber boresight in it next and see if I can get it close at 50yds with that. Maybe I'm just gonna have to accept the goofy sight picture.
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