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Scenario #2: Blackout and Riot

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There is a wide-ranged blackout in your region due to what authorities say is caused by a well-orchestrated and simultaneous sabotage by terrorists/anarchists. There's no electric power, and you get the news through your battery-operated radio.
Aside from lootings happening downtown, cops are also battling with either anarchists and rioters. Thankfully you are prepped since you've obediently followed the advice of Red Cross. You've got your 2 weeks supply of pork and beans and canned beef stew, and water enough for your family.

What's the first thing you'll eat? Take us through your plan how you'll go about with your food supply.
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Like Nachtjager, we get to experience the power outage part a couple times a year. I have a Prius. So my first step is to run my long orange extension cords. I can draw 2,000 watts from the car. It will run when it needs to recharge the batteries. I can make it a little over two days on a 10 gallon tank of gasoline when using it like this. I have a farm type gas tank on property that I can use to refill the vehicle. During the daytime, we'd use electricity from the car for computers, television, lights in the evening, etc. At night we'd use the electricity to keep the freezers and refrigerators running. If not opened very much they will keep everything frozen all day. Home heating would be the fireplace during such an event.

The longest I've had to go without power at this location was five days. For the riot part, I'm an hour from Atlanta on purpose.
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In previous power outages my water continues to flow. Even though I'm technically outside of the city limits, we have city water.
My great-grandfather didn't have electricity until 1976. I remember going up to their house and they had a salt cabinet in the kitchen and a salt house outside. Since he ate red meat nearly every day of his 105 year life, that meant storing quite a bit of meat.
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