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Scenario #2: Blackout and Riot

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There is a wide-ranged blackout in your region due to what authorities say is caused by a well-orchestrated and simultaneous sabotage by terrorists/anarchists. There's no electric power, and you get the news through your battery-operated radio.
Aside from lootings happening downtown, cops are also battling with either anarchists and rioters. Thankfully you are prepped since you've obediently followed the advice of Red Cross. You've got your 2 weeks supply of pork and beans and canned beef stew, and water enough for your family.

What's the first thing you'll eat? Take us through your plan how you'll go about with your food supply.
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Probably the fridge stuff first, then freezer. However, assuming natural gas is flowing, the genset would take care of the house. If it wasn't, I have enough propane and petrol to run it for quite awhile. We've been through hurricanes with 5-10 day power outages so we're pretty well versed in this area. Since we are in the south, cold isn't really much if an issue although we do have a kerosene heater and supplies.

As for "food" we have enough for a family if it last a long time. We wouldn't be eating gourmet but we wouldn't starve either..

My only concern would be safety however we have a plan for that too.
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