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SCBA air systems

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I have multiple SCOTT ap50 high pressure breathing apparatus for sale. These are what firefighters and HAZMAT agencies wear when going into toxic environments. These are designed to withstand high heat, chemical exposure, and to take a beating while still providing you safe breathing air no matter what. I have multiple cylinder sizes that include both 30 minute cylinders and 60 minute cylinders. Some of these units are in like new condition and some of these show signs of use but they all appear to function the same. The only thing I do not have to complete the system in the mask but I will be more than glad to direct you to eBay or an internet store that sells the right mask for the system. Don't let you or your family get caught in a toxic environment with no clean air to breath.


SCBA with no cylinder- $400
SCBA with 30 min cylinder- $500
SCBA with 60 min cylinder- $600
Spare 30 minute cylinder- $100
Spare 60 minute cylinder- $200

Shipping prices will vary by how much product is purchased and how it will have to be packaged. Please contact me for exact shipping pricing.
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