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San Diego 6 - Investigative report on Michael Hastings crash

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I haven't been keeping up with Michael Hastings case but I do know he wasn't well liked by our government after blowing the whistle and was about ready to break some more news. Then all this happened. God it almost sounds like the car was Booby_trapped or something. There just isn't no way that the engine and power train would be several hundred feet behind the car.
and no skid marks
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I think it's pretty clear from this story that something "un-normal" had to of had happened such as a bomb. The police have ruled out fowl play? Which only means they are protecting the group that made the attack which would only suggest another government group or a group supported by the gov. Very scary I wonder what he was trying to leak before this happened if that can be confirmed he was about to leak a story then I guess that motive for his death because he was causing terror for the gov.

I wonder if most people just don't care about this or if they are just waiting... but even if there was no bomb I would be pretty concerned about getting a BMW just as much as people were afraid of Toyota's when they started accelerating uncontrollably! Ejected car parts before impact? ::clapping:: I wonder if they made it look fake as a warning shot to all other reporters you know kinda saying... "look what we just did and nobody (the masses of everyday people) care enough to protest.." that's what I find even more scary than just one bomb in a BMW ..
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Only thing I can think of is explosive blowing the engine downwards. The engine and transmission are very heavy, there should be tell tell marks on the road telling how it traveled. But I can remember seeing the car crash on tv and not knowing anything about the situation and thinking I never see a car fire look that intense.
I doubt even blowing up a car would result in it throwing the engine up 200ft or so! Of course I'm no expert but correct me or not but it looked like the ground was black from wet oil being spilled from the lines breaking wouldnt that have burned or did it look to you that it was burned? Either way I don't belive in God but I think the most likely answer was "God did it!" haha Must have been a very weird bomb if it was that I doubt it because a bomb that can leave the car entact to burn but eject the engine and transmission from under the car but leave the car still up right as if it never flipped... um... I don't even know how that is possible

I think it's more likely he was kidnapped and his death was stagged as a warning to other journalists while he is tucked away in some FBI cell. but then again who the heck knows!
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