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1-6 months, natural disasters or economic collapse
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Uhhhh…kidnapping children, forced adoptions. Massacres of civilians. Targeting hospitals, relief convoys, Red Cross convoys, execution of POWs, torture, rape, murder, theft, all on a grand scale. If you feel that is all justified and RUS is just conducting an SMO, you’re proving the total LACK of understanding of what’s going on. Your ‘Murica Bias is clear.

So we all just stand by and let UKE et al fall under a Despotic Ruler, then deal with all it brings. Never mind the impact it has on us as well as other countries.

Great. Shows me you’ve never been in harms way or understand what impacts destabilization have in world events. You ever serve in the Military?
I said "provide it", not regurgitate it from elsewhere.

Show the proof of "genocide".
The rest of your post was sheer nonsense which I expect was intended to disguise the fact that you didn't provide any actual evidence of your claim.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts