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Hello all, don't know if you all remember me but I was in Afghanistan when I joined and sense being home there has been nothing but drama... My storage unit was broken into and robbed then set ablaze so all my prep gear is either stolen or destroyed... Then a hectic divorce leaves me with nothing so I am back like a phoenix and trying to surround myself with like minded people and learn what I can as I re grow and develope my skills and my preps all over again.....

In saying that I have a item that I am looking to sell if anyone is interested... I have a Barrnett Quad 400.... It is a crossbow... 150 pound pull on the string (has a hand crank for those unable to pull back by hand.) Has a brand new with tags case and 6 bolts....

I think it would be an amazing piece for a prep but right now there are other things a little more important... If interested do not hesitate to shoot me a message....

Also I would like to know if there is anything people would like to see a topic made about and or a video or whatever... I am very knowledgeable.

Take care and thank you all for your past support.
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